vrijdag 8 april 2011

ASOS order

Dear readers,

Wednesday, I ordered 4 items at ASOS. I'm really excited to receive my order, but it will be next week, so I have to wait a bit.. What do you think about the items?

With love,

1. Silver clamp bracelet, gosh I really wanted this for a long time and I finally ordered it now.

2. This gorgeous Vila dress (it was less than 20 euros!)

3. Golden skull bracelet (less than 2 euros, so I had to have it)

4. These cute skull earring studs

15 opmerkingen:

  1. great purchases.
    that dress is so pretty, and you got a great deal.
    and i love all the jewelry.
    soo nice!

  2. I LOVE that silver bracelet! So pretty.
    xo Josie

  3. Ik wist niet dat die klauw er nu ook in een armband was! Geniaal!

  4. Hi! You did well buying all these pieces! I love the dress and it was less that 20 eur?? Great purchase!! :)

  5. Loving that black dress with the detail ! xx

  6. I can't believe that dress cost only that! It looks so great :o

  7. I love ASOS but have never had a chance to purchase anything from it! Lucky you! :)

  8. huh? sinds wanneer hou je van skulls? Hahah cool

  9. the bracelet looks really peculiar because of the chicken leg, can't wait to see it on you. and i am always a fan of skulls

  10. love that first cuff, looks like a vicous claw, but its rally cool! I didnt know asos did things as cheap as that (the 2 euro bracelet) I'll have to have a look! :D x

  11. Lovely purchases!:D

    I like the dress too.:D

    ***** Marie *****