zaterdag 1 januari 2011

Happy new year! & NYE outfit

Happy new year!
It's now officially 2011, and I love to start this new year.
I want to do a lotttt of thing this year and I hope this year will be better than the previous year.
Ofcourse, I've set up some goals for myself. Here they are:

- I've already lost 5 kilos in the previous 2-3 months, and I want to lose 5 more.
- I want to graduate and get my diploma!
- I want to pass my exam for my study (which will be on the 17th of January, exciting!)
- So ofcourse start my new study
- I want to live in Amsterdam in Septembre (for my study)
- I want to be in Paris during Fashion Week (in March!) and when I'm there, finally buy my Chanel earrings. Which I've been wanting for a long long time.
- Only buy something at H&M if I really like it. Because otherwise I'll be wearing the same as all the people here in this region (and yes I know I can combine the H&M clothes different than the other people, but I think you know what I mean hahah)
- Be more thankful to my lovely family. I already am thankful, but at times I can be just a little more!

Do you have some goals for yourself?

And ofcourse my NYE outfit, I celebrated it with my family at grandma's, so I didn't feel the need to dress up completely! (But ofcourse I still wanted to look chic)

Photo from yesterday evening

Top & skirt: New Yorker
Coat: Primark
Shoes: Local store
Bracelet: Swarovski & gift from bf
Earrings: Swarovski

22 opmerkingen:

  1. happy new year! gorgeous outfit :) and goodluck with your plans for this year :)

  2. Happy new year!!
    nice outfit!! :)
    xx Iry

  3. Thanks for your comment ;)

    Awesome outfit :D

    I wish you too Happy New Year!

  4. love the photo with the fireworks!!! and chic outfit indeed!!!

  5. lovely photos :) happy new year!

    BM - The Flower Girl


  6. awww, you are so cute! happy new year!!! "in love with your wonderful top" :P

  7. thanks for the sweet comment! happy newyear!:)
    xx britt

  8. Nice outfit, i love the shoes!
    Happy new year too!

  9. thank you very much:)
    and I also wish you a happy new year!

  10. happy New Year! Leuke outfit en succes met je goede voornemens :)

  11. thanks my dear!Happy new yeaaaaar !!

  12. happy happy new year! hope its perfect for you! xx

  13. happy new year. love the stripped shirt

  14. Happy New year ! And I hope that your wishes com true :)

  15. Dankjewel meis!
    Je hebt ook leuke foto´s en ik moet eerlijk toegeven de afgelopen jaren heb ik altijd wel goede voornemers gehad, maar nooit heb ik ze waar gemaakt hihi. Hopen dat al onze goede voornemers uitkomen en natuurlijk dat we slagen voor onze examens. Ik denk dat die het belangrijkste zijn, wat studeer je?

    Wij volgen je, volg je terug?


  16. what an amazing firework!
    And the cookies were delicious! ^_^