woensdag 28 juli 2010

Gossip Girl fashion

I'm obsessed with Gossip Girl. I love the series from the beginning and ofcourse this is part because of the fashion from the girls (and the boys).
The new season begins on the 13th of September (on a Monday). They filmed in Paris this summer! That makes me want to see it even more!
Here is a sneak peek of the girls in their outfits. There aren't any spoilers, so you can look at the pictures without concerning about it!

An amazingggg outfit from Blair

On the steps. Look at those little white socks!

Love the pants from Serena

Look at that dress from Blair! I love it so much, also that beautiful color! Serena wears some gorgeous shoes!

I adore Serena dress, a mini dress, but o so chic! But Blair's outfit is gorgeous too. You can't see it here very well, but her blouse is so airy, love it!

Blair's walking over the bridge: Pont Alexandre III. I think it's the most beautiful bridge in Paris. But I love this picture because she has a lottttt of shopping bags in her hands, hahah it looks great!

Love this ruffled green dress from Serena, the color looks really good on her! Also love the hat!

This dress is soooo amazing. It's really chic and it looks great on her!

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  1. Ahhh een mede GG fan zie ik <3 Leuke post, dat minijurkje van Serena is echt zo mooi!
    Dankje voor je comment en ik volg je terug:)


  2. die witte sokken zijn inderdaad keivet! En de roze broek van Serena is echt helemaal geweldig vindt ik!!
    Leuke post!
    xx helen


  3. geweldige plaatjes, heerlijk om al die mooie outfits te zien

  4. Niceeee, kan niet wachten tot het nieuwe seizoen begint!

  5. You always have the best inspiration boards! Love all of these!

  6. are those pictures from season 4 ? :)

    i seriously can't wait 'til September, I've missed Gossip Girl so bad! :p

  7. Hey, I tagged you in a post, and you need to answer the questions in there in your blog(:


  8. Oeh nice! Ik hou echt van GG! Ik kan niet wachten op t nieuwe seizoen!